WWE WrestleMania 37: Predictions for Night One

Last year iteration of WrestleMania was different in ways we never imagined it would be. Instead of emanating from a raucous Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Bay, the WWE Performance Center housed the event.

While the superstars did what they could with the conditions, the silence that fell on the event with no crowd present severely hurt the event. Drew McIntyre’s coronation, a hard-hitting ladder match and Kevin Owen’s death-defying leap all falling on deaf ears – Michael Cole’s commentary echoing like never before.

We were still treated to supreme efforts and memorable moments – the Boneyard and Firefly Funhouse matches sticking out the most. The fans may not have been with McIntyre in the biggest moment of his career, but the moment still mesmerizing as he looked into the camera and said to the fans, “This is for us.”

Finally, for the first time in over a year – fans return to make-up a capacity crowd at a wrestling show. While other sports like baseball and basketball were definitely different with no crowd, there’s no form of entertainment in the world that plays off the crowd quite like the world of pro wrestling.

It’ll be one of the biggest nights in WWE history – 25,000 fans will sound like 100,000 as they cheer, boo and chant for whoever the hell they want. No more piped in cheers or computer screens, fan’s voices will be heard as they’re treated to an excellent card.

So who exactly will fans be hanging on the edge of their seat for? Here are my predictions for the biggest matches on the first night of WrestleMania 37.

Natalya & Tamina vs. Naomi & Lana vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Riott Squad (Tag Team Turmoil; winners receive title shot on Night 2)

The WWE has handled the women’s tag-team title’s with as much care as Amazon workers do with glass packages. I’m not going to lie to you – I have no clue who’s going to go on to day two to fight Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, so I’m going to go with the biggest babyface competitors in the match.

The Pick: Naomi & Lana

Raw Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs. AJ Styles & Omos

While The New Day are fantastic, this feels like a match that the potential of AJ Styles. His WrestleMania track record since coming to WWE has been lackluster – aside from his performance in the Boneyard Match last year. He’s faced big names like Randy Orton, Shane McMahon and Chris Jericho, but each match just seemed like it wasn’t a big deal. He survived being ‘buried alive’ for this? Oh well – the match feels like a way to turn Omos into a monster, so he helps Styles win the titles at least.

The Pick: AJ Styles and Omos

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

FINALLY! No, The Rock isn’t returning to WWE – Cesaro is getting his first ever one on one match at WrestleMania. This one could steal the show, two of the most talented wrestlers in the entire company going at it. This doesn’t feel like the start-stop pushes he’s had prior – the way to prove that is with a big-time victory by the Swiss Super-Man.

The Pick: Cesaro

Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman (Steel Cage)

I swear this has the be one of the worst built-up matches in WrestleMania history – and I’m even counting the match between The Rock and Rowan. It’a been built off McMahon calling Strowman stupid – well, the only person who felt unintelligent was me while watching that promo. Also, the ‘Monster Among Men’ said he didn’t want anyone interfering – so he chooses a Steel Cage match? What? Does he not realize the top is open? I get the logistics – but why not choose a Hell in the Cell? God – maybe he is stupid.

The Pick: Shane McMahon (Due to Interference from Elias)

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. The Miz & John Morrison

The WWE got a global superstar for WrestleMania – while it may not have been The Rock or Stone Cold, it’s going to be interesting to watch Bad Bunny compete. Now I don’t speak Spanish, but man, I can’t lie – his music is a bop. Sorry Miz and Morrison, there’s about a zero percent chance you win this match – those Bad Bunny merchandise sales are through the roof!

The Pick: Bad Bunny & Damian Priest

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Bianca Belair

This has show-stealing potential. Banks and Belair have potential to put on one of the best women’s matches in the history of WrestleMania. Whether they open or close the show, they’ll tear the house down. While Banks has been a fantastic champion for the ‘E, it’s time to complete the coronation of Belair. The 2021 Royal Rumble winner caps off an amazing journey with a WrestleMania victory – cue the video of her parents celebrating.

The Pick: Bianca Belair

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

When Lashley and McIntyre faced off for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, it wasn’t a sure thing either man would make it back to the pinnacle of pro wrestling. Alas – both will face off on the grandest stage of them all. An amazing journey for both men all led to this, and they’ll put on a Mania worthy match with all their chips in the center. It’ll be a hard-hitting battle between the behemoths, but I expect McIntyre to get the moment that was stripped away from him last year. Instead of having to speak to the camera, he can look in the crowd and see the reactions of fans in the stands – fireworks in the air, bagpipes and guitar rocking and the WWE Championship thrown over his shoulder.

The Pick: Drew McIntyre

Wrestling with Silence: Comparing WWE and AEW’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the face of a global pandemic, professional wrestling has been forced to adapt. Some ideas have been home runs, but of course, some have been swings and misses. Still, creative, never before seen matches have taken place that people will never forget, like WWE’s Boneyard Match and AEW’s Stadium Stampede

No matter what, we’ll always compare the two premier wrestling companies in North America, World Wrestling Entertainment, and All Elite Wrestling. We compare their talent, their champions, their storylines, hell – we even the ratings of their shows. Each company has had to face the challenge of putting on shows with no fans, coming up with creative ways to combat this. It’s time to compare how each company has adjusted to the challenges of this global pandemic.

Challenge: No Fans

WWE: WWE has simply just .. continued. We’re seeing the same matches, with the same participants, in the same style we would see with fans in the arena. Their biggest problem: the silence is deafening. Us as fans can only take so much of Michael Cole’s yapping, I really can’t imagine how hard it might be to wrestle while listening it. While it’s admirable that WWE is still putting on shows, they should take a page out of AEW’s book here.

AEW: AEW has done the obvious, but that doesn’t make it a great idea – they’ve put wrestlers and television personalities in the crowd. It works perfectly. The silence of WWE matches can cause the show’s to drag, but AEW shows haven’t been bogged down to that effect. AEW has even done things like separating heels and faces to certain sides, and having wrestlers side betting during the matches. It’s become an added layer of to look forward to during these shows, and that’s a great thing. 

Challenge: Storyline Progression

WWE: The storyline progression on RAW and Smackdown has worked for some feuds, like Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre, but for most feuds it has not. The last time fans were in the arena, the Universal Champion was Goldberg, and he was about to face off against Roman Reigns for the title. In a little over two months, the title is now in the hands of Braun Strowman, who has already faced Bray Wyatt, and will now face Miz and Morisson in a handicap match for the title. WHAT? Also, there’s now a rule where superstars can jump brands randomly, and AJ Styles got traded to Smackdown with no explanation. Storylines in the world of WWE don’t always make sense, but they’ve been especially bad in recent months.

AEW: Contrary to WWE, AEW has been able to develop, continue and finish entertaining storylines in the face of this challenge. The ‘Exalted One’ was revealed, Matt Hardy debuted, the Elite and the Inner Circle continued their feud, and we even got a championship tournament, culminating with a crowning moment for Cody Rhodes. While WWE has been leaving plenty of loose ends and adding random filler feuds that last a month tops, AEW has been paying off storylines months in the making.

Challenge: The Fourth Wall

WWE: This has been WWE’s biggest fault, they have barely even acknowledged this pandemic. Their biggest superstar, Roman Reigns, skipped Wrestlemania due to it and we never even got an explanation. I don’t think we’ve ever even heard the word Coronavirus on television yet. In the year 2020, in this age of information, this is an asinine thing to do. It is so freaking stupid. If for some unknown, crazy reason, WWE was your only form of participation in society, you literally wouldn’t think anything was different in the world. It just makes zero sense.

AEW: At least one wrestling company doesn’t think its viewers are complete morons. AEW has repeatedly mentioned their talent have been tested before each show, a welcome acknowledgement to the viewers at home. Another thing AEW has done right is simply wish their viewers well, and talk about how weird of a situation it is. All other major sporting that have happened since this pandemic have acknowledged it, and to ignore it is just plain stupid. I get that WWE wants to play the keeping kayfabe card, but some things supersede it. A freaking global pandemic is one of those things.

This wasn’t meant to be an AEW puff piece, but they’ve just been putting out much better content than WWE during this pandemic. Not every episode has been a winner, but they’ve had more hits than misses. The WWE still has done some good things, like the Boneyard Match, the Firefly Funhouse Match and the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but aside from that .. it’s been rough. Plus, you could argue that AEW’s Stadium Stampede match was better than all three. 

The powers at be in WWE have always been stubborn, but they need to borrow a couple of AEW’s ideas if they want their content to improve until fans return.

WWE Money In The Bank: Predicting Tonight’s Show

WWE Money in the Bank has evolved into one of the most important shows on the wrestling calendar. It’s become a place where superstars careers are changed, matches are remembered forever, and something fans look forward to every year. Who will ever forget CM Punk walking out of Chicago with the WWE Championship? Or the night that belonged to the Shield, where Roman Reigns walked in champion, Seth Rollins beat him for it, and Dean Ambrose walked out with it after cashing in his briefcase. Which superstars will this year’s unique event belong to? Which matches will we be writing about for years to come?

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Credit: WWE

The New Day (C) vs. The Miz & John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party

After being contested in a phenomenal ladder match at Wrestlemania, the Smackdown tag team titles will be on the line in a fatal four way tag team match at Money in the Bank. The New Day’s reign is just getting started, with this being their first defense on their newly won titles. They’re far from rookie champions though, so I can’t see them losing the belts tonight. The Miz and John Morrison are the only real threats in this match, but if they win it’ll feel like they’re playing hot potato with the titles. It wouldn’t be the first time WWE has done that, but I believe the power of positivity reigns supreme tonight.

Prediction: The New Day Retains

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Credit: WWE

Bayley (C) vs. Tamina

WWE is clearly building to an eventual match featuring Bayley and Sasha Banks for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Tamina’s career has be revitalized by this mini-push she’s getting here, but it definitely should not be capped off with a championship run. As a heel, Bayley has been one of the best parts about the women’s division, and the company as a whole. She’s been booked to be a strong champion, and she’s grown into the heel role very well. This title defense should be just another notch on her belt. I would watch out for some friction between Bayley and Banks tonight, though.

Prediction: Bayley Retains

Universal Championship Match

Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman (C) vs. Bray Wyatt

I was surprised to see WWE book this match right out of the gate, but the newly crowned Braun Strowman faces off against his former friend, Bray Wyatt, for his championship tonight. It remains to be seen if ‘The Fiend’ makes an appearance tonight, but it looks like it will be the Firefly Funhouse version of Wyatt fighting tonight. While this side of Wyatt can still be dangerous, just ask The Miz, I don’t believe he can beat Strowman for the belt. Strowman was booked to defeat Goldberg (very convincingly), and now they’re going to take the belt off of him already? I just can’t see it. Strowman will defeat this version of Wyatt, and we’ll see if the Fiend comes calling for the rematch. Wyatt will eventually be the one to take the Universal Championship from the ‘Monster Among Men’, but it won’t be tonight.

Prediction: Strowman Retains

WWE Championship Match

Credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre can be the next face of the company. He has it all – the look, the charisma, he’s great with fans and the media, crossover appeal, an underdog story, the WWE can NOT mess this up. How can they mess up McIntyre’s future, you ask? By booking him to lose his first title defense (no, I’m not counting whatever that was with the Big Show). Seth Rollins has been great as the Monday Night Messiah, and while him and McIntyre have great chemistry together, his one job should be to make McIntyre look good tonight. I can see Rollins’ disciple, Murphy, interfering in the match, but as long as McIntyre looks strong and walks out champion, the right decision will have been made.

Prediction: McIntyre Retains

The Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Credit: WWE

Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax vs. Asuka vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Carmella

There is only one women who should walk away with the briefcase tonight, and that’s Shayna Baszler. But, in the world of WWE, we know that what should happen and what does happen are usually two very different things. Baszler is in the midst of a rivalry with Becky Lynch, but is at risk of losing the steam behind her push if she does not win this match. After WWE investing so much time into building up the Queen of Spades, it would be a nightmare to see that all go away with a whimper. As for the other participants in this match, Carmella has already won the briefcase, but is better suited making twitter videos (they’re hilarious, by the way) than being in line for a title shot. Dana Brooke has been a workhorse, but her time to be champion is just not here yet. Lacey Evans already has had countless title opportunities and nobody has been interested, this is not her match to win. Nia Jax .. Nia Jax. While it was nice to see Jax take a stand to protect the other women in the locker room, she still caught a lot of criticism when she was unable to protect Kairi Sane in a match on Raw. Jax should not be rewarded with a title push. Finally, Asuka is who I think will walk out with the women’s briefcase. She’s one of the best workers WWE has in the entire company, and it helps when the chairman and Paul Heyman hold you in high regard. Money in the Bank is one of the only things she hasn’t won, she adds it to her resume this year.

Prediction: Asuka Wins

The Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Credit: WWE

Daniel Bryan vs. Aleister Black vs. Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. AJ Styles

The men’s match is different from the women’s match in that almost every participant in this match can make a claim to why they should win (sorry, Otis). King Corbin could become the most hated heel in all of WWE with the briefcase. Rey Mysterio could use it to catapult him to one final title run in the late stages of his career. Daniel Bryan is as familiar as anyone with the briefcase, winning his first title with it, and kicking off one of the best storylines in recent memory by being cashed-in on by Randy Orton. He could use to get back to the main event scene after kicking tires on the mid-card earlier this year. Aleister Black could be catapulted into the next stratosphere by winning this match, and it’s obvious he’s the fans odds on choice to win. The briefcase is for building new stars, who better to build around than Black? He has a champions look, move-set, finisher, entrance, the whole package. It certainly wouldn’t be a mistake to give him the push that comes with winning this match. I don’t think WWE will pull the trigger though, thus leaving us with the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, as this year’s Mr. Money in the Bank. WWE did not bring back Styles just to lose this match. He’s never won the briefcase, but he could be great as the dastardly heel, running around, threatening all champions. He’s proved to be one of the most valuable assets in the company, and this may be his only chance to ever win this match. It may not be the right decision, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad decision to give Styles the breifcase.

Prediction: Styles Wins

Ranking The Best Choices To Win the WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase

As we heard numerous times during the build to WWE Money in the Bank, this will be the ‘most unique’ Ladder Match EVER, but the risk will be worth the reward. Superstars will have to go from the bottom floor to the roof of WWE HQ to win the match, so who’s the best choice to do so?

This year’s match features past winners, multiple time champions and young superstars brimming with potential. In this article, I rank them from worst to best in terms of choices to become 2020’s Mr. Money in the Bank.

6. Otis

Credit: WWE

Otis already has Mandy Rose, what does he need anything else for? In all honesty, Otis has a zero percent chance of winning this match. There is no way in hell he gets that briefcase. He’ll be good for a nice spot or two, but that’s all the contribution he’ll make to the match.

5. Rey Mysterio

Credit: WWE

The ‘Master of the 619’ may be one of the most popular superstars of all time, but a world title run isn’t in his future. At Survivor Series, he almost won the title against Brock Lesnar in one of the greatest near falls EVER, but he’s not going to get another chance at the greatest prize in wrestling through this match.

4. Daniel Bryan

Credit: WWE

The real life ‘YES!’ man is a former Money in the Bank winner, but he won’t do it again this year. He already had his chance at the title, feuding with ‘The Fiend’ earlier this year, so he’ll probably be around the upper-mid card for the rest of the year. If he does get another shot at the title, it won’t be through using this briefcase.

3. King Corbin

Credit: WWE

King Corbin already has one Money in the Bank victory under his belt, but he failed when he attempted to cash in on then champion, Jinder Mahal. While that was a terrible booking decision, another terrible booking decision would be giving Corbin another briefcase. This is the WWE though, so Corbin has the third best odds of winning the match.

2. AJ Styles

Credit: WWE

AJ Styles has been a work horse for WWE since his arrival at the company. He’s coming off an amazing boneyard match vs. the Undertaker, proving that he can make anything that he’s given look great. Styles could be the best heel in the company while holding the briefcase, reminiscent of when Edge had the briefcase over a decade ago. Styles deserves another title run, and the briefcase could catapult him there.

1. Aleister Black

Credit: WWE

Aleister Black is easily the best choice to win this match. He has main event star written all over him (I’m sure its there, somewhere between his tattoos), and getting promising superstars into the main event is exactly what this match was made for. Black has the look, the finisher, the theme song, everything to be WWE’s next big thing. All they have to do is pull the trigger. He’s easily the best choice to win this year’s match.

The WWE Came Up With Their Most Insane Idea EVER .. And It’s GENIUS

In the midst of a global pandemic, the WWE has been forced to get more creative than ever. So far we’ve seen ..

  • An amazing, entertaining, Cinematic Boneyard Match with it’s OWN score.
  • A complete acid trip of a ‘Firefly Funhouse Match’ where we saw John Cena VANISH.
  • Edge & Randy Orton absolutely destroy the WWE Performance Center for over 40 minutes.
  • And the culmination of the Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa feud, which also destroyed the performance center .. but in cinematic style.

As you can see, WWE has been waving the creative wand more than ever in order to keep producing quality programming. In all honesty, it’s been a breath of fresh air, and I hope it continues when things get back to normal.

But this .. this next idea takes the cake

YES. YOU ARE SEEING THAT CORRECTLY. WWE is having their annual ‘Money In The Bank’ pay per view at WWE HQ, with the namesake match featuring the winner having to go from the bottom floor to the ROOF to win the match.

Oh, and when they get to the roof, they have to climb a ladder, and then retrieve the briefcase, in classic money in the bank style. But .. ON. THE. ROOF.

This has potential to be the most ridiculously amazing thing the WWE has ever produced. Just imagine the possibilities! A fight in Vince’s office, destroying priceless WWE memorabilia, brawling on every single floor, etc.

It literally a better version of WWE’s famous Super Bowl commercial. (Aka, the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever).

I for one am very happy with the ideas the WWE has come up with to stay interesting with no crowds. I reaaaaaally hope they keep some of these batshit crazy ideas for when crowds return .. the WWE was missing this.

Oh, and the tag line ‘Climb the Corporate Ladder’ is absolute genius. Whoever came up with that deserves a damn raise.

I can’t wait to see this come to fruition. WWE Money is the Bank airs at 7pm on May 10th, and yeah .. I’ll be counting down the days.