B4 The Score

A sports podcast hosted by Steve Samra, Dan DeLucia, Pablo Hernandez and Andrew Morgan. Gifting you the best opinions in all of sports.

Frank Fleming Joins B4 The Score!

B4 The Score welcomed their first guest, none other than the legendary Frank Fleming! Fleming has gained notoriety through his work with Barstool Sports, his Sports Encyclopedia website and his podcast, Allow Me to Be Frank. He also has a wildly famous rant on NJ Transit, where he became their No. 1 rival. Fleming joined B4 The Score to talk about the Mets, Devils, Dolphins, his thoughts on the XFL, and he shares with his some stories about Barstool Sports, his hot dog reviews and more! Enjoy Episode 11 with Frank Fleming!

Welcome to the B4 The Score Podcast

The first episode of the B4 The Score Podcast is finally LIVE! In this episode, the hosts talk MLB free agency, NFL picks and a quick wrestling segment. Give them a listen and help be a part of their journey!