Feeling More Accomplished During a Pandemic (Not the Easiest)

I’ll be the first to admit it, finding motivation these days is almost impossible. I love to write, but not having much to write about on here made it hard for me to do so. For the past few months I’ve been finding myself sitting at my computer every morning for hours on Linked In, just applying for job after job. If I’m lucky to even get a response from the hundreds of employers I’ve reached out to, 99% of the time the response is a “Sorry we decided not to move on with your application”. My frustration and stress with job searching bled into my writing and I would get even more frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t think of something creative enough to write about on here. And so, I took the easy way out and simply just didn’t write. However, I came around and decided it’s not fair for me to deprive myself of something I actually enjoy doing because other aspects of my life are not going the way I would like them to.

I know I’m not the only one who has felt like they were in a rut. I’m pretty sure the whole world feels that way after 2020. Tough part is though, just accepting things aren’t going your way and not doing anything about it is not going to help, even though it is the easiest route to take. Having that mindset is what digs the rut even deeper until it’s nearly impossible to crawl out of. I’ve been there and it is not a fun place to be.

My LEAST favorite saying is “Stop feeling bad for yourself, someone has it way worse”. I HATE IT. It is so demeaning and it completely tries to minimize mental health. Yes, it is true someone probably does have it worse than you, but that does not mean how you feel is not valid. And it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to feel at all. There is nothing wrong with being dealt a shitty card and not feeling good about it. It shouldn’t matter on what scale of magnitude people choose to believe your problems are. Also, our hardest times in life are our biggest learning moments. So, it’s ok to acknowledge you aren’t in a good place, build that character and life experience. And yes, you’re even allowed to feel bad for yourself because sometimes life just sucks. But, after that, take a step forward and try to make a change if you can. I’m telling you, there is no better feeling than going from feeling bad for yourself, to being proud of yourself.

Covid definitely does not help peoples situations. From searching for nonexistent jobs, to simply just missing friends and family and falling into a bad headspace, this has not been easy. However, there are ways to keep trucking through this pandemic while gaining a sense of accomplishment. Even gaining that sense of accomplishment from different aspects of your life that you didn’t even think about touching. With me just graduating college, I always believed the immediate next step I had to take was start my career. However, Covid put that plan on the back burner for me. At first I was devastated that I couldn’t find a full time job and I would be lying if I said it still doesn’t stress me out from time to time, but I learned something very valuable. I learned that life isn’t defined by a career. Please don’t get me wrong, it is very important and it is something to be extremely proud of when you build one for yourself, but it isn’t your sole life purpose, or at least not for me. I’ve been given all of this extra time to teach myself new things, learn important life skills, explore extracurriculars, and just do and try new things I enjoy. And to me, that’s also special and something to be proud of. I’m not sure I would have been able to do the amount of self discovery if I were to immediately jump into my career. We can’t always control what life throws at us, but we definitely can control how we handle it.

For anyone struggling or feeling discouraged lately due to the pandemic, I’d just like to share a few of the things I decided to do for myself that seriously helped me and continues to help me through it. My biggest suggestion is to keep in mind that self care and having fun is not a waste of time. I feel like that’s something I often have to remind myself as well because we are for some reason trained to believe it is. Remember, it’s not!

One of the most important things I’ve done to make myself feel good during the pandemic was to exercise. It’s just a really good way to clear your head and also feel good about yourself.

Another thing to do is find something you love and just go with it. I love to write, as mentioned before. Not only do I write on here, but I write a lot more in my own journals that I don’t share with anyone. I go to that journal almost everyday and creatively write something. A poem, a short story, a song, or even just how I’m feeling or past feelings. I wrote my first byline for a recent internship I was doing by simply just telling them I love to write. I also reach out to companies and offer freelance work, in which I have something in the works right now. If you feel there isn’t opportunity coming to you, create it for yourself in any way you can. Put yourself and your work out there, even if no one seems to take a second look. Find what you love and just do it, it will pick up on its own in due time. Just don’t give up on it.

You can also pick up a new hobby. With the internet, you can basically teach yourself anything. I recently began teaching myself guitar and I really do enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be guitar though, teach yourself anything. Learn how to cook, sew, take up hiking, or anything else you’ve always wanted to do.

Start your own little side hustle. For the holidays I decided to make charcuterie boards. I didn’t think that really anyone would even want one, but after putting it out there I started to get orders to the point where I could barely handle making all of them. It was something that I enjoyed doing and I was also able to make some extra cash which helped with a few months of paying my student loans. Don’t worry about what people are going to think, just start something. You never know where it could lead to.

Take some time and relax, it’s ok. I was a college student for the past 5 years of my life, so I didn’t always have free time. Now, it seems I have nothing but free time. I took advantage of that fact and started watching shows and movies I always wanted to. I also play A LOT of Animal Crossing. I try to keep myself busy in other ways as I mentioned, but I do enjoy doing nothing sometimes as well.

Those are just a few examples of things that you can get into to make your time feel useful and give yourself a sense of accomplishment when your searching for it. However, it is truly up to you how you want to spend your time. I know it’s hard not feel discouraged in times like these, but I find giving myself a purpose or working towards a goal always gets me motivated and feeling good. Do what you love, or do what you need to to get by. It’s your life, not anyone else’s, so handle it as you choose. Sometimes people sharing their ideas and purposes inspires others in hard times, so feel free to try any of these ideas or even share some things you’ve been doing through the pandemic with me!

‘The Office’: Unpopular Character Rankings

Everyone loves The Office, that’s undeniable (and if you don’t then you may be the problem). However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be watching a different show than everyone else in the entire world because whenever I mention my favorite/least favorite characters to anyone, they think I’m crazy. As someone who has watched the show in full about ten times, I feel like I have a pretty good analyzation of the characters. Since my choices are often controversial though, I have made an unpopular character rankings list. Let’s see if you have an unpopular opinion as well or if you think this list is completely wrong. (List based solely on characters in the show, not the actors themselves).

1. Ryan Howard

Ok, this is the part that always throws people off. Ryan gets a bad rap, but he is actually the funniest character on the show and extremely misunderstood. He is relatable on new levels. He’s a complex character who starts off as an innocent intern, gets a taste of power, and somehow ends up working in an actual closet. All along this journey he never fails to be ironically funny. The workforce is undeniably filled with assholes, which makes Ryan’s character literally satire because that’s exactly the type of employee he represents. From starting the fire, to stringing along a love interest for years on end, all the way to ditching his own baby and running away, we all know a Ryan and that is the comedic genius behind his character.

2. Creed Bratton

BOBODDY! Completely clueless, but in reality a mastermind convict on the run. Makes no sense, but is always funny and entertaining. He might even be ranked as the funniest character if he had more screen time. Gives out fake ID’s and plays guitar. Cool guy all around and always is good for a laugh.

3. Angela Martin

You call her an uptight bitch, I call her a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. It’s hard being more competent than almost everyone who surrounds you. I appreciate how she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Brownie points for seeing how awful Pam is and bullying her almost the entirety of the show.

4. Dwight Schrute

A man of honor. He is a true businessman who cares about his work and protects his fellow employees. He has a hard exterior, but deep down he cares more than anyone else. Always funny, even when he doesn’t try to be. If I were ever lost in the woods with someone, Dwight would be my first choice to be stuck with to keep us alive.

5. Michael Scott

Always funny. Arguably the main character of the show and wasn’t as good when he left. Doesn’t care about work at all, I wish he were my boss. Loves everyone in the office as if they were family (except Toby). However, he cares too much about what people think. Can be pretty ingnorant, but that’s the point of his character so can’t hate on that.

6. Darryl Philbin

Super chill and down to earth. Always have had a soft spot for Darryl, he’s just an agreeable guy. There were never any moments where I was annoyed by his character or minded him being in a scene. Funny through sarcasm which is always enjoyable. Often deserved more before he got it.

7. Kelly Kapoor

Most up to date on pop culture in the office, which makes her super cool. Definitely can be a selfish character, unless it comes to Ryan. Makes a lot of funny comments at the right or even wrong times. Can be annoying.

8. Stanley Hudson

Genuinely does not give a f*** which makes him great. But, he cheats on like all of his wives, so that hurts his ranking.

9. Jim Halpert

Good guy. His pranks are usually genuinely funny, but they do start to get old. All in all I really do like Jim and don’t think the show would be the same without him. However, he is obsessed and married to a wench the entirety show which brings him down in numbers. Should have been with Karen.

10. Toby Flenderson

Has a lot of funny scenes, but almost all of them are just him getting bullied. Means well, but kind of boring and just always gets the shit end of the stick. Apparently in love with Pam as well which is questionable?? Also, becomes obsessed with the Scranton Strangler, like an unhealthy amount, which is weird. Some believe he actually is the Scranton Strangler, but who knows.

11. Kevin Malone

Second best employee in accounting. Even though he isn’t smart which can be kind of annoying to people around him and result in poor work, it’s funny to me. Lower on the ranking list because of his overall hygiene and also because he spilt all the chili.

12. Meredith Palmer

Meredith can be funny and I don’t have anything bad to say about her. She lives her best life and it’s none of my business to get into her personal life. However, I just think the people listed above her have all had more entertaining moments than her.

13. Oscar Martinez

Ehhh, he’s smart, but a major know it all. Can be reliable as a voice of reason, but really I’m not watching the show for that. Good addition that completes the office atmosphere, but is snarky too often to be ranked higher.

14. Phyllis Vance

I just get a bad vibe from Phyllis. She’s nice, but I feel like it’s all an act. For example, the one time she got immense joy blackmailing Angela and then exposing her secret anyway. That told me a lot about her. Also, her perfume smells and she talks about Bob Vance way too much.

15. Andy Bernard

Annoying way too often. Why is he always singing and talking about Cornell? Starts off the show with major anger issues and ends the show being a psychopath who runs away to a deserted island then comes back obsessed with being famous when he is clearly too washed up for that.

16. Pam Beasley

Last but not least, Evil Pam. All she did was whine the first half of the show about how she never got what she wanted, but she would do absolutely nothing about it. She messed with Jim for so long WHILE she was engaged. Kissed Jim multiple times and then acted like she had no part in it when Roy got mad about it. Waited until Jim was in a happy relationship with a normal woman to start moping around over him and made them break up. Second half of the show she realizes the reason she never gets what she wants is because she sucks at everything, so she lies and makes up her own position as office administrator. Cries about Jim following his dreams and actually achieving them, even though Jim supported her following her art dream and she literally failed at it because she sucked. Just overall annoying and I don’t think Pam has ever had a funny line in the show once.


It has been a week since the brutal murder of George Floyd was etched into every American’s brains. Since then, protests and social activism have taken precedent over COVID concerns or day-to-day activities. Everybody processed, or is still processing, the murder of George Floyd differently.

News flash: I am a straight, white, (handsome) man. I have never been persecuted or discriminated against, and I likely never will. But let’s set things straight – you have to be an idiot not to see what goes on between races daily, and an even bigger idiot to sit in silence and ignorance as it happens.

For a long time, I was sitting in silence. I have friends of all races, and I figured speaking my mind on black rights would get me persecuted from groups of friends or family.

A lot – almost all – of my interests intersect with black culture. I am a huge rap fan, and there is no rap without black people. I am a massive sports fan, and the level that professional sports is at could not be reached without black people. I used to have a different interpretation of what this meant. I used to think the fact that I loved a lot of aspects of black culture meant I was some sort of honorary black person. As if I knew what being black in America meant.

In middle school, I would throw around the n word like it meant nothing. “Why are people so upset about a word? If you can’t tell I love everyone by now then its your loss” would be a common excuse. How painfully stupid. It was not until the murder of Trayvon Martin that I took it out of my vocabulary entirely, except for this odd exception where I was still saying it loudly and proudly while rapping songs from my favorite black artists. It was not until I read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me that I stopped that bullshit and thought I woke up. But was I really ever fully awake if I was not actively fighting to protect and enhance the lives of my black brothers and sisters?

The murder of George Floyd and even the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery has made me rethink my entire approach. How can I be justifiably in love with black culture while not using my privilege to ensure that black culture and people are protected at all costs? It does not work like that. The fight for black rights did not end with the Civil War; it did not end with the redact of Jim Crow laws; and it did not end when people marched for Trayvon Martin. It took me 21.5 years to wake the fuck up. My brothers and sisters need me to fight, and anyone who knows me knows I am the last person that will back down from anyone, no matter the size or severity.

This stupid little blog may not be much in the way of advancing black rights in the legal or policing space. However, I want this to serve as your wake-up call – whoever you may be. You may already be awake – then let this serve the purpose of me telling you I am sorry. I am sorry it took me this long to begin actually working towards American equality. I am sorry I considered myself a friend while not fighting for you at every step of my life. But I am here now, and I will not leave until equality is achieved and racism is a thing of the past. To the people who still need some slaps in the face to get the picture – please continue getting all of the information you can about the black experience in America. Watch videos of recent riots, protests, speeches, go back and watch MLK and Malcolm X, read Ta-Nehisi Coates and James Baldwin, listen to Public Enemy and NWA. The hurt of being black in America has been lamented about since the dawn of the country. Educate yourself and begin working towards a better tomorrow where these conversations will be a thing of the past. It is very likely that you learned nothing in this blog other than my stance on the matter. Who am I to educate people on what has happened and what is happening?  Below is a list of resources and links to do just that.

I recently had a good friend of mine ask me if I think a civil war or revolution will be breaking out. My mind tells me that if change is not on the immediate horizon, something of the sort will happen. We as Americans are on the precipice of something enormous – something that has not occurred on Earth since its inception – that of human equality. We cannot let it slip through our fingers.

It is very likely that you learned nothing in this blog other than my stance on the matter. Who am I to educate people on what has happened and what is happening?  Below is a list of resources and links to do just that. I leave everyone with an interesting thought. The title and subject matter of one Gil Scott-Heron song is The Revolution Will Not be Televised. I always agreed with this sentiment – white-controlled mass media would never televise or stream a black revolution because it gives the movement power. The problem is that Gil Scott-Heron was not around to see social media.

Please wake up. The revolution is CURRENTLY being televised. And it is one of the most glorious things I have ever fucking seen.











Failure, But Kinda Funny.

Failure is a part of life. Sometimes we experience major failure that we learn from and it ends up defining serious aspects of our lives. Other times we experience failure that is comedic relief for our future selves that we look back on and think “what the …”. For me, I feel like I have experienced an excessive amount of awkward and unnecessary failures from the second I was born. I was just destined for this life. Since we are all collectively experiencing a major failure across the world that is detrimentally impacting so many people, I have decided to share some of my lighthearted failures to lighten the mood. Yes, I have the power to relieve everyone across the globe from pandemic stress by revealing embarrassing stories of myself that will have absolutely no meaning to anyone else. Here is a timeline of just a few of my minor failures which at the time were really shitty and now just a little less shitty because I can laugh at them.

1. Emily Age Three

A long, long, time ago I decided to start my journey of failure. I felt three was an appropriate age to get to work on this, so I began. I had a pet dog, his name was actually Guinness (same name as my dog now, I don’t know why my family keeps renaming our dogs that). Anyway, he was a little fella. I don’t remember much about him since I was only three, I just remember him being short of some sort. For some reason, I loved to terrorize him by sitting on him as if he were a horse. He did not like this at all. Guinness literally tried to run away every single day because of me. But I didn’t stop because apparently, I did not care. One final day he was just gone. Now, I can’t get a straight story about what actually happened to him. Either he finally successfully ran far away from an evil three-year-old or my parents decided to give him to a different loving family where he wouldn’t hate his life. Either way, I am the reason my first dog left and this was the beginning of a long life of failing.

2. Emily About Age Eight???

In elementary school I experienced many stupidly awkward things. From picking up ant traps in the hallway thinking they were pencil sharpeners??? To mistaking my fourth-grade classmate for a teacher. Was I an idiot? However, there is one that has stuck with me. That was performing in the fifth-grade lip sync. You see, I was on a high from the fourth-grade lip sync where I won first place and I just let it get to my head. The fifth-grade lip sync was a disaster, at my own fault. I decided I would perform “Metamorphosis” from my favorite Hillary Duff album. This Hillary Duff album was my prized possession and I just had to do a song from this album. So here we are, the night of the show. I hand my CD to the DJ (a high school student working this shitshow lip sync for community service) and I hit the stage. I totally flopped. My performance was a complete embarrassment in front of about 300 people. A true fall from grace. I was so upset with myself I forgot to grab my Hillary Duff CD from the DJ. The next day I came back begging for it and it was apparently “gone”. I never bought that; how did it just disappear? This one is a daunting failure of mine.

3. Emily Sophomore in High School

I’m skipping the middle school era because that was just awkward for everyone, no matter who you are. Moving on to sophomore year , I kind of went through it. That year sucked. Mainly, because I was not treated with dignity by my older classmates. I remember one history class I raised my hand to talk and a senior girl turned around and called me a “fuckin idiot”. Like, what??? She was a senior in a sophomore history class and I was the idiot? Although I could have countered with many comebacks, I was scared so I just cried instead.

Due to this, I was terrified to present in this class. I already have a major problem with public speaking, so this just made it worse. I remember I had to do a presentation about the Freedom Riders in front of the whole class. I got up to the podium and got about four sentences out then I froze. Just not speaking, standing there. It was so awkward that my nicer classmates decided to chant to boost my confidence. There I was, standing there getting cheered on by my classmates pleading I finish this presentation about the Freedom Riders, while in the back of my head I just kept hearing “fuckin idiot” from my previous slandering. I didn’t finish the presentation. Wasted cheers from classmates and possible confirmation that it was not a lie, I indeed was a fuckin idiot.

4. Emily Senior in High School

I came a long way and was nearing my high school graduation. I played sports, so on the last few nights of high school we had our senior sports banquet. Our school was extremely small, so for each sport the coach would call up the seniors who played and share a nice few word about them in front of everyone in attendance. When it was time for the girls’ basketball team to be honored, our coach called all four of us seniors up in front. There we were, me and my three friends standing in front of all the other sports players and their families. My coach begins down the line of each player, pointing out each one’s strong suits and what they contributed to the team. I was last, so I politely waited my turn and clapped for my friends when they got complimented. Finally, my coach gets to me. This is what she says, and I quote:

               “What can I say about Emily? At least she always tried her hardest”.

That was it.

Listen, I was aware basketball wasn’t my strong suit. But holy shit that was embarrassing. I also really wasn’t that bad either, she just disliked me for no reason. Yet for some reason I loved her. It was a toxic relationship. For example, she would throw a basketball at me when I wasn’t looking and then the next day I’d go to her office to gift her with my class picture just for her to throw it away the second I left the room. I also named her as my favorite educator in the yearbook which is… awkward? We had issues.

Anyway, later that night I won athlete of the year so the joke was on her. And I was definitely awarded for softball, not basketball, but still she didn’t have to roast me like that.

5. Emily Freshman in College

I’ll keep this short. I somehow came in contact with an actual stalker my first week of college. My luck. He followed me to all my classes, stood at the doors while I was literally learning, and made a million Facebooks to keep friend requesting me. His Facebook statuses were extremely vulgar and I had to go to the campus police where I found out he did this to many women. Why was he not kicked out of school? I had to change my whole schedule my first semester of school. I failed at avoiding stalkers on the first week of class and I feel like I should have known better.


See, failures can be funny if you don’t mind being the butt of the entire joke. Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves because in reality it is inevitable to avoid failing at some things. These obviously weren’t life changing failures for me, those are far worse that not even a therapist should have to be subjected to. Point is, we learn from our failures and one day we’ll wake up and say “Hey, I shouldn’t sit on dogs”. Now I know. Thank you, failure.

A Letter to the Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020,

Everybody has a story. Some are simple, a successful four years of college and then moving on. Some are a long road, full of different stops, transferring schools, and changing directions along the way. Some stories are ones of pure grit – students who never gave up, no matter how many years went by, and they’ve finally reached their goal. No matter what your story is, the beautiful part about this time of year is that for one day, all our stories come together – graduation day.

The Class of 2020 is the most unique graduating class of all time. Our stories will forever be intertwined with one of the most challenging times our country has ever seen. Whether we have been directly affected by the pandemic or not, our stories are forever changed, put on pause, while a more important one gets written. 

Just because it’s what we have to do doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting. Our moment taking a backseat while the world heals is something that seemed unfathomable just a couple months ago. We planned our spring break getaways, graduation parties and celebrations – all blank chapters now. But, we did it because that’s what the world required.

When our college careers started, we all thought about certain moments, and the most important moment – the one that provides closure, graduation. It’s a moment that’ll never be the way we imagined it now. Virtual. Postponed. In some cases, cancelled. 

Still, we kept going. Fully online classes. DIY graduation photoshoots. Virtual ceremonies. Zoom parties. While the world around us changed, we stayed the course. A semester that was supposed to be one of celebration turning into one full of change and difficulty. But also one of perseverance

We were ready to fill our minds with memories of walking across that stage, but we can still show the world how special of a class we are. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that no matter how definite a moment seems, it can always be taken away by something completely out of our control.

So we’ll show the world by living with a reckless abandon, with success on our minds, paving our own way if we have to. We’ve learned from our stories that first and foremost, they are our stories, so we won’t let anybody else hold the pen. We all have unfinished business now, to find our closure; our path; make our own success and not to look back.

The Class of 2020 deserves to be celebrated. We’ll never be a traditional graduating class, but maybe that makes it more special. When we do find our closure – whether it’s at a virtual or in-person postponed graduation, or in our own unique way, we’ll have done it in a way that no other graduating class has. That makes it special. We’re different, and different is special.

It may never be the moment we imagined, but it’s still our moment. It’s our accomplishment. It’s our story. And nobody can ever take that away from the Class of 2020.

Congratulations to every single graduate of the Class of 2020, I can’t wait to see the amazing things we accomplish.

I Have a Couple Bones to Pick with Wawa

This blog will be about my various conundrums while attempting to enjoy Wawa. However, I will start it out with a very academic and highly intelligent look at its far-inferior competitor, Sheetz. Enjoy.

Going to school in Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania introduced me to a new enemy in my life: Sheetz. I’ll be honest, I may have a small beef with Wawa, but I would put high military grade explosives in every Sheetz in America if it was allowed. The place sucks. Every person that steps into one of those god forsaken establishments develops this weird Southern drawl that is somehow unique to Sheetz?? I would straight up kill myself if I had a southern accent. Anybody who has one sounds like they studied English by watching shows and movies on .5x speed. Freaks.

“Hey Mike, why are you getting into weird side stories about Sheetz and southern accents? I clicked on this because of Wawa!”

Thanks for reminding me, professor. Wawa is one of the most glorious places on Earth; it is a safe haven for gasoline, ready made sandwiches and subs, and not so sober meetups. How could anyone have a problem with something so perfect? I’ll show you, from the mind of a miserable young man.


Nobody in their right mind goes to Wawa with any idea of what they’re picking from the electronic order station. “Wow I’m really dying for a Wawa meatball sub!” Literally no one has ever said that. Anyone who orders a meatball sub goes through a couple of stages before finally deciding on Satan’s dinner of choice. The walkup to the order station is confident and carefree: no one can stop you, you’re about to order a 9-inch sub for $5! Then, the choices hit you. So many colors on the screen, so many options, and it feels like there’s some sort of unspoken rule that you can’t take longer than 5 minutes at the screen. All of sudden, you’re sweating. Hot sandwiches à meatball subs à pepperjack cheese???????????????? 15 minutes later and you’re bent over your toilet holding rosary beads yelling at the devil to escape your bowels. Fix the order station culture, no one wants a damn meatball sub!


Disclaimer: I am the type of person who allows my car’s gasoline level to sink to below E before I even start thinking of stopping at a gas station. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this; why stop multiple times in one tank of gas to re-up when you can give yourself extreme anxiety and risk a breakdown of your car by waiting until the gas is empty? This brings me to my next Wawa problem – Wablem, if you will. (working on a trademark). What is the point of opening one side of the parking lot for getting gas and then putting cones in front of the other side’s terminals??? AND ANOTHER THING: why do we as humans just blindly let a small orange cone dictate where we do and do not go? What is the cone going to do, arrest me? Shoot me? Anyway, what overhead operating costs does opening both gas stations up to the public include? Pumping gas is such a ridiculous cash cow, and the #1 selling product at Wawa by a large margin. Why limit your profit and make people wait in a GAS LINE? Is this the Industrial Revolution? Where do I live?


This one’s personal: Shoutout to the Wawa on Rt. 34 in Wall, I’ll see you later tonight baby.

I hope you enjoyed Blog #2. Thanks to everyone who reached out with imessage games; I connected with some people who I haven’t spoken to in a long time and it was nice to hear from them in a time in society where everyone feels as distant as ever. Again, please continue to read the great content that our site is pumping out, follow everyone on social media, and stay indoors so I can be brain dead at Bar A this summer.

Your Definitive Guide to Quarantine

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this entire blog and then it deleted without saving. I am now restarting it and I am heated. Enjoy.

I know what you’re thinking: who is this fucking creepo in the Paddy hat and what could he possibly know about anything? Well, you bring up two very valid questions that I have so-so answers to: my name is Mike and, honestly, I don’t know much about anything. What I do know, however, is how to stay at home and enjoy myself while doing it. Without further ado, I present to you the DEFINITIVE guide to enjoying your quarantine.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you like my mustache, please forward that compliment to my mother because she tells me to shave that caterpillar on my face every morning when I wake up. Little does she know I have the pulse of the people at my fingertips. Thank you in advance.)


One of my favorite things to do in the world is annoy my two little siblings. I am the proud older brother of a brother and a sister. However, what’s the point of siblings if you can’t ruthlessly aggravate them? Although there are literally endless ways to accomplish annoying your siblings, I will highlight three of my favorites. The first is simple but requires a bit of effort and dedication on your part. Set an alarm for a disgustingly early time: I like 7 AM (shoutout Uzi). When the alarm goes off, SPRINT into their rooms, wake them up, say hi, and go back to sleep. You don’t know annoyed until you hear a 17-year-old Luka Doncic lookalike screaming at you to go die. The second method to my madness is one that works at any time of year, not just during quarantine. Eat their food the moment they put it in the fridge or pantry. My sister is the type of psychopath that writes their name on their food before putting it away. “Meg’s Food, Don’t Touch!” Okay, idiot. Thanks for putting a giant red arrow pointing directly at my next meal. The final one is my personal favorite, for it is quick, effective, and a little dangerous. Walk up to them while they are playing video games (this especially works for little kids playing Fortnite) and make a little small talk. Nothing suspicious to see here, right? Wrong; all of a sudden you dart to the XBOX and turn it off. Run for your fucking life because trust me, you don’t know how hard a 12-year-old girl can hit until you’re on the receiving end of a flailing arm.


#2 is another quarantine strategy that works at any time, but it is particularly effective during these trying times. My family and I recently moved to the Jersey Shore into a pretty impressive house thanks to my dad’s lifelong hard work. With an impressive house, however, comes A LOT of upkeep and home improvement projects (Dad, if you’re reading this, tuck that thing into your pants; I can see you’re getting a little excited hearing “home improvement”). Anyway, the house we moved into include a weird side house of sorts that my dad is currently using as a safehouse for his millions of dollars in (mostly useless) tools. The end goal, however, is to turn it into a giant man cave complete with ping pong and pool tables and old school arcade games.

(No Myla you can’t come over you slimy rat)

This side house needs a new roof. I don’t know how many of our readers have ever done roofing but I’ll let you in on a little secret: it fucking SUCKS. Humping 50 pieces of plywood up an eight foot ladder during 30 mph winds is how I would describe hell and I just got through a weekend of doing exactly that. This brings me a way to make this a little more enjoyable. My dad is using it against me that I have been a lazy bitch for a month now, doing nothing but eating my siblings’ food, being carried to Warzone victories, and sleeping. “Help me outside you bum!” Fine dad, but it comes with the aforementioned price. Put on a sourpuss face, walk slowly to wherever your parents need you with your head down, and sigh periodically when you know your parents can hear you. This quarantine activity can end one of two ways: your parents get extremely annoyed and tell you to fuck off or, in the case of my dad, completely ignore what you’re doing and still make you do whatever they are asking. Good luck!


Ok I’ll admit I haven’t done this one yet BUT you’re telling me this isn’t a prime idea for absolute CHAOS???? Try it and tweet me @Bertrand1013 with the results.


You knew this one was coming. In all seriousness, I have been wanting to write on a blog that was more than just sports for a while now, but never worked up the determination to design a site and acquire help. Steve, the head of Villen Media, is hands down the best story teller and one of the best sports writers that I have the pleasure of knowing. Couple that with his almost-too-nice demeanor and a Roledex of loyal friends, and you have a recipe for someone that is running a site that we hope will be diverse and entertaining. Thank you Steve for inviting me to be a part of this, thank you to whoever made it this far in the blog, and please continue reading and sharing what the writers here have to offer. Enjoy!

Welcome to My Subconscious

Hi. I’ll make this short and sweet (Actually, no I won’t).

I really love to write. Ever since I was little, I always just wrote down anything and everything. Probably because I have so many thoughts that scramble around in my brain, writing all of it down helps relieve the dizziness. I also really enjoy expressing myself in my own environment because my really bad character trait of the desire to be liked by everyone tends to get in the way of that.

Not to say I’m a “shy” person or afraid to say how I feel, but my anxiety tends to attack after the fact when I’m sitting in bed and convince myself that every single person I interacted with that day hates me. I’m really good at that; Pretty confident I can convince myself that my own mother probably hates me. I also refuse to go through a drive-thru at any fast food place because I’m afraid of them and don’t want to impose and ask for an extra sauce. In simplest terms, I’m in my own head… really bad.

I hate to admit it, but I can be a self-conscious person. In this day and age though, I feel like this isn’t uncommon. Just having any social media platform is like judgement day for most people, unless you’re the type of person who has no filter and doesn’t even think twice about what other people think, then for that I commend you. But, that’s just not me. Maybe I can put on a good front if you’re reading this and are thinking “That doesn’t sound like her”, but that’s a lot of credit I’m giving myself to think anyone is even reading this and if you are, you’re probably my mother and I’d like to let you know that I don’t actually think you hate me, ok?

Back to the point, all of this being reasons as to why I’ve resorted to writing, A LOT. I don’t share what I write with people, so therefore, don’t have to worry about people. I do though, feel like I have a passion for writing and sometimes find an ounce of courage to share what I write.

 I have thought about making my own blog, but even that feels like I’d be stepping off a cliff and falling into a pool of judgement, so I have always quickly retracted. However, when my boyfriend came up with the idea to create a public blog and allow me to write, I couldn’t resist. Finally, someone with the balls to do what I couldn’t do… I’ve been waiting?

Now I’m not saying I’m going to resort to this being my diary (I don’t have one of those if you are wondering, but if you do that’s totally cool. Thinking about that, maybe I should invest in one). ANYWAY, I’ll being writing about pretty much anything… Except sports. Sorry, you’re looking at the wrong persons feed if that’s what you’re looking for, try LITERALLY anyone else here.

If you’re still here, thank you mom. But seriously, stay tuned for miscellaneous, somewhat comical yet controversial posts from me. They won’t all be this long. I may make you sign a disclaimer to agree not to hate me after reading my posts, though. I don’t know yet.

Villen Media is HERE!

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – Social distancing may have stopped a lot of things in my life, but it’s also given me the time to work on projects that I’ve been passionate about. Welcome to Villen Media, yeah .. it’s one of those projects.

You may be wondering just what Villen Media even means, so I’ll explain. Villen is a little tribute to my hometown of Sayreville, New Jersey, while we chose to go with media because we want to cover EVERYTHING.

I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled for this venture. We have a great group of sports fans, music lovers, movie junkies and everything in between. I hope that we’ll be able to bring a little something for everybody on this website.

I’m confident that everybody can bring something special to the table, and one thing I know about everybody joining me in doing this is that we’ll all be willing to put in the work.

We have a blank canvas right now – I can’t wait to see what we can do.

Welcome to Villen Media.

Welcome to Villen Media

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – Welcome to Villen Media! On this site, we’re going to provide you with opinions that are unique, entertaining and of course, a little constroversial.

Our team will cover EVERYTHING. Sports, and we mean all sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, college sports, wrestling, NASCAR .. you get the point. If you like a sport, odds are we’re covering it.

Not a sports fan? That’s fine. We’ll also be covering entertainment, music, pop culture and more. That means we got you covered with movie reviews, which songs you should be listening to and what’s happening in the world. We won’t let you miss a beat.

All in all, our team is a bunch of motivated, small town go-getters. We’re not here for the money (not that there is any), we don’t have any agendas, we’re here because we love to write about things we’re passionate about.

Welcome to Villen Media. We hope you like what you see.