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Former holder for a 5-5 varsity football team (not to brag), current men’s softball role player (not to brag again). Your one stop shop for gambling, music and the best takes in America.


Considering I make a decent amount of tweets no one ever asked for, I’ll give my followers a break & channel my misguided thoughts & opinions here. *Miscellaneous content to the highest degree. There will be no form of consistency, but it will be enjoyable.*


A world without sports is a world I don’t want to live in. Here to prove running backs don’t matter.


Death, taxes and my flaming hot takes. I speak nothing but facts, whether you can handle it or not.


Nighttime crime fighter; Daytime sports writer. Not afraid to tell you how it is and keep it real. Specialties: NFL, NBA and anything Tom Brady.


Aside from spending all of my time drowned in engineering work, I pride myself on being the best fantasy football player of the modern era. Oh, and pineapple belongs on pizza.


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