The B4 The Score Mock Draft Special Has Arrived!

"B4 The Score is here to predict EVERY first round pick of the 2020 NFL Draft! Pablo Hernandez acts as the league commissioner, while Steve, Andrew and Dan make the first 32 picks for this years UNIQUE draft! At the end we answer ALL the questions posed on social media (as always!). Enjoy our mock … Continue reading The B4 The Score Mock Draft Special Has Arrived!


Welcome to Villen Media

SAYREVILLE, N.J. - Welcome to Villen Media! On this site, we're going to provide you with opinions that are unique, entertaining and of course, a little constroversial. Our team will cover EVERYTHING. Sports, and we mean all sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, college sports, wrestling, NASCAR .. you get the point. If you like a … Continue reading Welcome to Villen Media