‘The Office’: Unpopular Character Rankings

Everyone loves The Office, that’s undeniable (and if you don’t then you may be the problem). However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be watching a different show than everyone else in the entire world because whenever I mention my favorite/least favorite characters to anyone, they think I’m crazy. As someone who has watched the show in full about ten times, I feel like I have a pretty good analyzation of the characters. Since my choices are often controversial though, I have made an unpopular character rankings list. Let’s see if you have an unpopular opinion as well or if you think this list is completely wrong. (List based solely on characters in the show, not the actors themselves).

1. Ryan Howard

Ok, this is the part that always throws people off. Ryan gets a bad rap, but he is actually the funniest character on the show and extremely misunderstood. He is relatable on new levels. He’s a complex character who starts off as an innocent intern, gets a taste of power, and somehow ends up working in an actual closet. All along this journey he never fails to be ironically funny. The workforce is undeniably filled with assholes, which makes Ryan’s character literally satire because that’s exactly the type of employee he represents. From starting the fire, to stringing along a love interest for years on end, all the way to ditching his own baby and running away, we all know a Ryan and that is the comedic genius behind his character.

2. Creed Bratton

BOBODDY! Completely clueless, but in reality a mastermind convict on the run. Makes no sense, but is always funny and entertaining. He might even be ranked as the funniest character if he had more screen time. Gives out fake ID’s and plays guitar. Cool guy all around and always is good for a laugh.

3. Angela Martin

You call her an uptight bitch, I call her a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. It’s hard being more competent than almost everyone who surrounds you. I appreciate how she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Brownie points for seeing how awful Pam is and bullying her almost the entirety of the show.

4. Dwight Schrute

A man of honor. He is a true businessman who cares about his work and protects his fellow employees. He has a hard exterior, but deep down he cares more than anyone else. Always funny, even when he doesn’t try to be. If I were ever lost in the woods with someone, Dwight would be my first choice to be stuck with to keep us alive.

5. Michael Scott

Always funny. Arguably the main character of the show and wasn’t as good when he left. Doesn’t care about work at all, I wish he were my boss. Loves everyone in the office as if they were family (except Toby). However, he cares too much about what people think. Can be pretty ingnorant, but that’s the point of his character so can’t hate on that.

6. Darryl Philbin

Super chill and down to earth. Always have had a soft spot for Darryl, he’s just an agreeable guy. There were never any moments where I was annoyed by his character or minded him being in a scene. Funny through sarcasm which is always enjoyable. Often deserved more before he got it.

7. Kelly Kapoor

Most up to date on pop culture in the office, which makes her super cool. Definitely can be a selfish character, unless it comes to Ryan. Makes a lot of funny comments at the right or even wrong times. Can be annoying.

8. Stanley Hudson

Genuinely does not give a f*** which makes him great. But, he cheats on like all of his wives, so that hurts his ranking.

9. Jim Halpert

Good guy. His pranks are usually genuinely funny, but they do start to get old. All in all I really do like Jim and don’t think the show would be the same without him. However, he is obsessed and married to a wench the entirety show which brings him down in numbers. Should have been with Karen.

10. Toby Flenderson

Has a lot of funny scenes, but almost all of them are just him getting bullied. Means well, but kind of boring and just always gets the shit end of the stick. Apparently in love with Pam as well which is questionable?? Also, becomes obsessed with the Scranton Strangler, like an unhealthy amount, which is weird. Some believe he actually is the Scranton Strangler, but who knows.

11. Kevin Malone

Second best employee in accounting. Even though he isn’t smart which can be kind of annoying to people around him and result in poor work, it’s funny to me. Lower on the ranking list because of his overall hygiene and also because he spilt all the chili.

12. Meredith Palmer

Meredith can be funny and I don’t have anything bad to say about her. She lives her best life and it’s none of my business to get into her personal life. However, I just think the people listed above her have all had more entertaining moments than her.

13. Oscar Martinez

Ehhh, he’s smart, but a major know it all. Can be reliable as a voice of reason, but really I’m not watching the show for that. Good addition that completes the office atmosphere, but is snarky too often to be ranked higher.

14. Phyllis Vance

I just get a bad vibe from Phyllis. She’s nice, but I feel like it’s all an act. For example, the one time she got immense joy blackmailing Angela and then exposing her secret anyway. That told me a lot about her. Also, her perfume smells and she talks about Bob Vance way too much.

15. Andy Bernard

Annoying way too often. Why is he always singing and talking about Cornell? Starts off the show with major anger issues and ends the show being a psychopath who runs away to a deserted island then comes back obsessed with being famous when he is clearly too washed up for that.

16. Pam Beasley

Last but not least, Evil Pam. All she did was whine the first half of the show about how she never got what she wanted, but she would do absolutely nothing about it. She messed with Jim for so long WHILE she was engaged. Kissed Jim multiple times and then acted like she had no part in it when Roy got mad about it. Waited until Jim was in a happy relationship with a normal woman to start moping around over him and made them break up. Second half of the show she realizes the reason she never gets what she wants is because she sucks at everything, so she lies and makes up her own position as office administrator. Cries about Jim following his dreams and actually achieving them, even though Jim supported her following her art dream and she literally failed at it because she sucked. Just overall annoying and I don’t think Pam has ever had a funny line in the show once.


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