Who Has The NFL’s Best New Uniforms? Ranking Team’s New Threads

This NFL offseason was one of the busiest of all time, fashion wise. More teams changed their uniforms than I can ever remember. Each one elicited a reaction, whether it was positive, negative, or indifferent. So, which teams are the best of the bunch? Here’s a definitive ranking of NFL team’s new threads.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Credit: Atlanta Falcons

First, the worst of the new uniforms, the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have such a great color scheme that these were the uniforms I was most excited for to be released, and man, I was disappointed. I HATE when teams put their city on the front of the jersey. The Browns did it with their most recent jerseys, it knocked the Jets uniforms down a couple rungs, and it makes the Falcons jerseys look cheesy. Their throwbacks are some of the best in the league, they had a perfect blue print and they just .. lost it. A gradient jersey? Gradient is cool to an elementary kid on paint, but a NFL uniform? Just dumb. I have a feeling the Falcons will be switching uniforms again pretty soon.

5. Los Angeles Rams

Credit: Los Angeles Rams

No team caught more flack this offseason than the Rams. Their logo was panned, their former players say they’re not being paid, and some experts are predicting them to finish fourth in their division, just two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance. Their new uniforms are bound to be polarizing as well. While I don’t hate them, they’re obviously going with the same theme they took with their logo – eccentric, bright and in honor of their ‘new’ city, Los Angeles. Sadly for the Rams, their roommates uniforms blow these away. Sorry, but it’s tough not to compare them, and the Chargers get the victory here. Plus, the numbers look weird as hell. And what shade of blue is that? I’m getting dizzy trying to figure this out.

4. New England Patriots

Credit: New England Patriots

The Patriots are entering a new era, but I’m surprised they didn’t do more here. While it’s not bad, they just took their color rush uniform are made it their home uniforms, while also making a white version for the road. The part here that’s unique though is that they only have navy pants. Some teams have four different color pants in their uniform combinations, the Patriots will have one. I would’ve liked to see them go back to the Pat Patriot logo with a more modern version of those great jerseys, but I can see why they wouldn’t want to change up too much. These aren’t bad, but they’re not particularly exciting either.

3. Cleveland Browns

Credit: Cleveland Browns

The Browns went with a modernized ‘throwback’ after a failed experiment with their last uniforms. The team actually hated them so much that they wore their color rush jerseys as often as they could (which were great, by the way). The Browns jerseys are plain, they’re boring, but that’s how they’re supposed to look! They’re classic, and they’re a thousand times better than the ones with ‘BROWNS’ written on their pants. Odell Beckham Jr. will look much better complaining to Baker Mayfield in these jerseys.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sometimes, you have to go back to move forward. The Buccaneers made a massive mistake with their last uniform combination, looking like an alarm clock and a creamsicle had a baby. They basically took out the memory eraser from Men In Black and brought back their old uniforms, with a few tweaks. The result? Great, modernized throwbacks from their Super Bowl Era. Even their pewter color rush looks great. These are uniforms fit for Tom Brady. It would’ve been a travesty for the alarm clock Buccaneers to make the Super Bowl, in these beauties though? They can go as far as they want.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

Credit: Los Angeles Chargers

Was there ever any doubt? There is only one word to describe the Los Angeles Chargers new uniforms – beautiful. Every single iteration is gorgeous. The power blue, the white, the yellow pants, the royal blue, the navy, they all look fantastic. Personally, I’m a sucker for helmets with numbers on them as well, so that’s just another plus for these uniforms. The power of awesome uniforms is underestimated, it’s part of the reason why the Oregon Ducks’ popularity has shot up, and I can see it having that much of an effect for the Chargers. These are THAT good.


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