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Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes the Philadelphia Eagles have made was letting go of Nick Foles. In 2017, Carson Wentz tore his ACL in a week fourteen game against the Rams, which left them no choice but to give Big Dick Nick the keys to drive them to the Super Bowl with little preparation. Foles went on to beat the Falcons, who won the NFC in 2016, then put up 38 points against the Vikings, and finally defeated the GOAT himself, Tom Brady, in the Super Bowl.

You would think that after bailing out the Eagles when Carson Wentz was injured, the team would keep him. Instead, they decided to let Foles walk in free agency, putting all their eggs in the injury prone basket that is Wentz. Last June, he and the Eagles agreed to a massive deal of 4 years, 128 million dollars. That absolutely ridiculous and absurd. What has this glass-made buffoon done to earn such a deal? You know he has an injury history, so there is no way you should pay someone who a, frequently gets hurt and b, has never played a playoff game (and no, starting a playoff game and completing one pass doesn’t count). An injury prone quarterback that has yet to play in the playoffs should not be getting more guaranteed money than Russell Wilson.

In 2017, Wentz burst onto the scene with a debatable MVP caliber season. Shockingly, he got hurt in what may have been his most impressive game of the year against the Los Angeles Rams. Many argue that he should have been the MVP over Tom Brady, but looking back at it, Wentz was thrown a bone with a very easy schedule that year. The Eagles have the pleasure of playing in the easy going NFC East, or NFC LEAST as we should call it. Aside from playing those easy division opponents twice each, (lost to Cowboys once LOL), they also defeated a CJ Beathard led 49ers team, a 5-11 Broncos squad, and a .500 Cardinals team. Against the good teams, like the Chiefs and Seahawks, SURPRISE! Wentz was defeated. We all troll Cowboys fans about the same thing regarding Dak Prescott, but I am not about to give this Fraud Giroux look alike a pass. To his credit, he had two impressive wins against the Rams and Bears. However, that whole year, Wentz never threw for 300 yards in a game besides twice (against the Rams and Seahawks).

Let’s jump to the big excuse that wEntZ hAs No ReCeIvErs. I’m sure when you throw to your tight ends 50 times a week, it’s easy to think your receivers suck. But, Alshon Jeffrey is no slouch, and its criminal to ignore JJ Arceaga-Whiteside and his potential. Zach Ertz had over 2900 yards receiving from 2017-2019 and even eclipsed 1100 yards in 2019. Let’s not forget how well Miles Sanders emerged this past season, as a rookie running back no less. In a split backfield with Jordan Howard, Sanders had over 800 yards rushing and 509 yards receiving, while also averaging 10 yards per catch. Wentz is under a true test with rookie receiver Jalen Reagor and the newly acquired, yet speedy, Marquise Goodwin.

Do his teammates even like him? Last year a report came out that teammates described the overrated quarterback as selfish, and that he did not take any accountability. There could be some truth to that story, as it seems he only cares for his regular season stats that qualify him for personal awards, but then decides to rest when the lights are the brightest. Several anonymous players have said that Wentz plays favorites on the field, and it shows in his target share to Zach Ertz. He even scolded coaches for trying to run plays that Nick Foles succeeded at. The team actually played significantly better under Foles in 2018. In the same year, Carson Wentz started 11 games and the Eagles went 5-6, a losing record. On December 12th, 2018, “surprisingly“, Wentz suffers another injury, a spinal compression fracture that forces him to miss the rest of the year. Nick Foles to the rescue, AGAIN! Foles would go on to start the remaining 5 games and have a 4-1 record, which was able to lift them from a sub .500 team under Wentz, to a playoff team. The team clearly was able to operate better with Nick Foles under center than Wentz, which adds truth to Wentz not having good chemistry with his teammates. Foles would go on to lose a close one to the Saints in the playoffs, but the team could not have been there without him.

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Lets spark up another question. Does the team even believe in him? If you see the image above it’s certain the interns don’t. Eagles fans already think Wentz is the next best thing, but has the organization realized the mistake? In the 2020 draft, they made a big surprise pick, taking Oklahoma star QB, Jalen Hurts. Now, there is speculation that they will use him in certain plays, while Wentz maintains control of the offense. However, a former Eagles executive talked about how upset the team was when they missed out on Russell Wilson. Do they believe Jalen Hurts is the next Russ? When Wentz inevitably gets hurt again, they will call Hurts’ number. With the new speedy offense they have built involving Reagor and Goodwin, Hurts’ athleticism may light a fuse under them and help the team find huge success on offense.

Back to a point I made earlier, it’s fun to troll Cowboys fans about Dak being “trash” with an elite offensive line, playing in a weak division, and getting exposed by teams over .500. Did you know Wentz is 7-20 against teams over .500? But, I hear Eagles fan out here, hyping up Wentz for doing the same thing Dak Prescott is scrutinized for. Is there really that much of a difference Philly? Wentz also plays in the worst division in football, and plays behind an elite offensive line as well. We’re supposed to praise him for going 5-6 in 2018 and barely getting by with a 9-7 record last year? As my good friend Stephen A. Smith would say, THAT’S BLASPHEMOUS!

For the past 3 seasons, Wentz has operated in a great system, with an elite offensive line, but is coasting by with bare minimum results, all without playing a playoff game. The Eagles O-Line has been ranked in the top five each year by Pro Football Focus from 2017-2019. In fact, they were ranked number one in 2018 (when he started 5-6) and 2019 (when he apparently had no help). Russell Wilson is earning less guaranteed money with one of the worst offensive lines in the league and has seen much more post season success, while Carson Wentz has one of the best offensive lines in the league and no playoff wins. Let’s not forget he isn’t the most clutch quarterback either (must be why he avoids those bright lights). In 4th quarter game winning drive opportunities or otherwise known as comebacks, Carson Wentz is, get this, 4-14! HA! Quarterbacks worse than that are Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston, but we need take note that Jameis possibly played an entire season of football while blind. Anyways, did the Eagles really pay this injury prone, zero clutch gene having fraud $107+ million in guarantees?!

A recent twitter troll (yet realist) has broken down Wentz’ career in a short, yet mind boggling, paragraph. @Alex77033705 states that “In 4 seasons Wentz has ZERO playoff wins, 48 regular season fumbles. He is 7-20 vs. teams over .500. He has no heart and no desire to win. His teammates hate him. He has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 season. Foles is 24-6 in his last 30 games as an Eagle.”

So judging from those stats is he really much better than some like Dak Prescott, or is even better than Daniel Jones, who also fumbles a ton but with far more inferior offensive line? Eagles fans, I’m sorry if I appear as a “hater”, but after your stage of denial you will see I am just a realist. In the wise words of my doppelgänger, David Fizdale (shoutout Dave Stolte), “TAKE THAT FOR DATA!”


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