Ranking The Best Choices To Win the WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase

As we heard numerous times during the build to WWE Money in the Bank, this will be the ‘most unique’ Ladder Match EVER, but the risk will be worth the reward. Superstars will have to go from the bottom floor to the roof of WWE HQ to win the match, so who’s the best choice to do so?

This year’s match features past winners, multiple time champions and young superstars brimming with potential. In this article, I rank them from worst to best in terms of choices to become 2020’s Mr. Money in the Bank.

6. Otis

Credit: WWE

Otis already has Mandy Rose, what does he need anything else for? In all honesty, Otis has a zero percent chance of winning this match. There is no way in hell he gets that briefcase. He’ll be good for a nice spot or two, but that’s all the contribution he’ll make to the match.

5. Rey Mysterio

Credit: WWE

The ‘Master of the 619’ may be one of the most popular superstars of all time, but a world title run isn’t in his future. At Survivor Series, he almost won the title against Brock Lesnar in one of the greatest near falls EVER, but he’s not going to get another chance at the greatest prize in wrestling through this match.

4. Daniel Bryan

Credit: WWE

The real life ‘YES!’ man is a former Money in the Bank winner, but he won’t do it again this year. He already had his chance at the title, feuding with ‘The Fiend’ earlier this year, so he’ll probably be around the upper-mid card for the rest of the year. If he does get another shot at the title, it won’t be through using this briefcase.

3. King Corbin

Credit: WWE

King Corbin already has one Money in the Bank victory under his belt, but he failed when he attempted to cash in on then champion, Jinder Mahal. While that was a terrible booking decision, another terrible booking decision would be giving Corbin another briefcase. This is the WWE though, so Corbin has the third best odds of winning the match.

2. AJ Styles

Credit: WWE

AJ Styles has been a work horse for WWE since his arrival at the company. He’s coming off an amazing boneyard match vs. the Undertaker, proving that he can make anything that he’s given look great. Styles could be the best heel in the company while holding the briefcase, reminiscent of when Edge had the briefcase over a decade ago. Styles deserves another title run, and the briefcase could catapult him there.

1. Aleister Black

Credit: WWE

Aleister Black is easily the best choice to win this match. He has main event star written all over him (I’m sure its there, somewhere between his tattoos), and getting promising superstars into the main event is exactly what this match was made for. Black has the look, the finisher, the theme song, everything to be WWE’s next big thing. All they have to do is pull the trigger. He’s easily the best choice to win this year’s match.


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