NFL Draft 2020: Best Landing Spots for the Top Quarterback Prospects

This year’s NFL Draft quarterback class has potential to be one of the best of all time. Tua Tagovailoa seemed like the sure-fire number one pick since his legendary comeback in the National Championship game, but then Joe Burrow had one of the best college football seasons on all time. Justin Herbert could’ve been the number one pick if he came out last year, Jordan Love has teams making comparisons to Patrick Mahomes and teams are seeing that Jalen Hurts could be a great weapon in their offense. We didn’t even get to the two former Georgia Bulldogs in Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm, or the the most underrated quarterback of the draft in FIU’s James Morgan. Plus, there’s a gigantic late round sleeper who could make an instant impact. All in all, this years quarterback class is LOADED.

As was the case with former first rounder Ryan Tannehill, it’s all about fit when it comes to young quarterbacks being successful. Taking into consideration needs and draft position, here are the fits for the 2020 NFL Draft quarterback class.

Joe Burrow, Cincinatti Bengals

There is no doubt in my mind Joe Burrow will be a Bengal. While some quarterbacks might shy away from the idea of playing for the Cincinatti based franchise, the Ohio Native Burrow would take on the challenge and exceed expectations. I believe that he would bring a new energy to a franchise that’s been mired in disappointment, as Burrow and Bengals’ stars Joe Mixon and AJ Green could put up some big numbers. Head coach Zac Taylor is young enough to be able to relate to Burrow, they could build something special with that duo. Burrow and the Bengals is a match made in heaven.

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa should not fall lower then pick 5, and if he does the Dolphins will regret it for years to come. The Dolphins and Tua have been linked since the beginning of last year, with rumors even coming out that owner Stephen Ross loved him so much he was ready to ‘Tank for Tua’. Head coach Brian Flores wouldn’t let his team lose enough to get the first pick, but the Dolphins lucked out and are still in prime position to draft Tua at #5, or even trade up for him. Tua could sit behind veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year, and when it’s his time to take over the reigns he would excel. As he proved coming in at halftime and winning a national championship, he’s always ready. Flores and Tagovailoa would create a dynamic partnership, and the young Dolphins team would be able to rally around them.

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is in a similar boat as Tagovailoa, and I think they’ll be interchangeable between the Dolphins and Chargers. Just like Tua and Fitzpatrick, Herbert could sit and learn behind Tyrod Taylor for a year, who head coach Anthony Lynn seems to really like. Taylor is a true pro, and would be the perfect person for Herbert to learn from. Herbert has shown flashes of some amazing talent, and the Chargers could have a scary good offense with him at the helm. The Chargers need to get their quarterback of the future and help create a larger fanbase in Los Angeles, Herbert would help them do that. Also, apparently their new uniforms are absolute fire, so that doesn’t hurt either.

Jordan Love, Las Vegas Raiders

Jordan Love is the most polarizing quarterback prospect in the draft. Some general managers have him as the best quarterback in the draft, while some have him as a fourth round pick. Love could end up being a fantastic pick or a gigantic bust, but he shouldn’t start in his rookie season in any scenario. He needs a lot of work, and that’s why Jon Gruden would be a terrific head coach for Love. He would be able to develop for as long as he needs to behind Derek Carr, and he would give the Raiders offense a much needed boost when his time came. Jon Gruden loves quarterbacks, and I don’t think anybody is convinced he’s fully confident in Carr, so Love would make him a very happy man. Love and halfback Josh Jacobs could create a dynamic offensive future for Vegas, seeing him reach that lofty potential he has.

Jacob Eason, Detroit Lions

Jacob Eason has been mocked all over the place by NFL experts, but I think Detroit could be the perfect place for him. The Lions already have Matthew Stafford in place at quarterback, but they have no contingency plan behind him. This was never more evident than when they started David Blough at quarterback this year. General manager Bob Quinn need to get a talented backup who has the potential to replace Stafford, and Eason fits that bill. Stafford puts up big numbers, but the Lions might be ready to move on as his contract winds down, so it’s time for them to get their *possible* guy.

Jake Fromm, Atlanta Falcons

Jake Fromm to the Atlanta Falcons is eerily similar to his former teammate Jacob Eason ending up with the Detroit Lions. Rumors have swirled that the Falcons will be looking for a quarterback in this years draft, and who better to bring in than the Peach State’s own, Jake Fromm. Fromm had a legendary career at Georgia, helping bring them back to prominence. The Falcons, like the Lions, don’t have a back-up plan in place if Matt Ryan goes down, as we saw with them starting Matt Schaub (of all people) in the year 2019. Fromm could come in and learn from the former MVP, something that would be invaluable. Fromm isn’t ready to be a starting quarterback yet, but after a couple seasons of learning from Matt Ryan and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, he could be a star in the league.

Jalen Hurts, Tennessee Titans

One of the Tennessee Titans favorite ways to switch up their offense was to bring in their backup, Marcus Mariota, to run a play. It usually netted positive results, with Mariota even throwing some touchdowns. Jalen Hurts would be able to run some of those same wildcat plays, as the Titans try to keep it fresh with Ryan Tannehill behind center, while he also develops as a passer in their system. Hurts could be an immediate contributor on a team who looks to be a contender again this season, and who knows – maybe he shows enough that they consider him the long team solution at quarterback. Plus, Tannehill has shown to be injury prone in his career, so its always smart to put a good back-up behind him.

James Morgan, New England Patriots

James Morgan is the ultimate wildcard in this years draft. Its been reported that up to 14 teams are interested in drafting him, but there would be no better spot for him than New England. Morgan’s throwing style has drawn comparisons to former Patriot legend Tom Brady, and with him being developed by Josh McDaniels, we could see something special. I believe he’s just as talented as the young quarterback they have in their system right now, Jarrett Stidham. These two could push each-other all 2020 to see who gets the coveted starting quarterback job, and it wouldn’t shock me if Morgan eventually beats him out. He wouldn’t cost a top tier pick, and the return on investment could be immense.

SLEEPER: Lynn Bowden Jr., Philadelphia Eagles

Some may gripe because Lynn Bowden Jr. isn’t a true quarterback, but I wanted to put him on here because he could end up being the most interesting player in the entire draft. When I see Bowden Jr., I see the next Taysom Hill. Hill was one of the most valuable weapons in the league last year, and since the NFL is a copy cat league, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of teams try to recreate that magic the Saints found. Bowden Jr. could provide Carson Wentz, Miles Sanders and the entire Eagles offense with an extra boosts that you have to prepare for, and you know Doug Pederson would find a way to make it work. Taysom Hill has opened doors for a whole different breed when it comes to offensive weapons, and Bowden Jr. could be the biggest beneficiary.


One thought on “NFL Draft 2020: Best Landing Spots for the Top Quarterback Prospects

  1. Great rundown. I’m sure you know I’m not a big college football fan or draft fan other than what the Giants do so I don’t know jack really about who’s coming out other than what I hear discussed in the radio. I’m more annoyed that I was supposed to be in Vegas for the draft partying 🤬🤬


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