Shaquille O’Neal Says His Lakers Would ‘Easily’ Beat MJ’s Bulls

Shaquille O’Neal went on Ariel Helwani’s Podcast and stated that his Lakers would ‘EASILY’ beat the greatest dynasty of all time, Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

The same Bulls who won six NBA championships. The same Bulls who featured the greatest player of all time in the midst of his prime. Yeah, those Bulls.

Shaq Diesel and the legendary Kobe Bryant’s Laker teams going up against those Bulls teams would’ve been insane, but beating them would’ve been anything but easy.

Personally, I think any basketball fan knows it would’ve been an amazing thing to see those two teams go up against each-other. Prime Jordan vs. Kobe, Shaq going up against Dennis Rodman (they went up against each-other when Shaq was in Orlando, but LA Shaq is a different animal), and Phil Jackson coaching both sides. What a vision.

We’re going to hear a lot more about the Bulls dynasty with ESPN’s ten part (ten part!!!) documentary airing its first episode this Sunday, so maybe we’ll learn some more about what Shaq thinks he could’ve exploited to help his team would win so handily.

Do you agree with Shaq, or do you think the Bulls would get the W?


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