Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ Turns 5 Today

Happy 5th Anniversary to Tyler, The Creator’s most polarizing album, ‘Cherry Bomb’!

Some absolutely love the album, some believe it’s Tyler’s worst work, I tend to lean towards the love side more than others though.

Songs like ‘Smuckers’ and ‘The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix)’ are two of my favorite tracks by Tyler. Slower songs like ‘Okaga, CA’ and ‘F****** Young/Perfect’ are great for any long, night drives. Tyler has even said that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever make a more beautiful song than ‘Okaga, CA’.

‘Cherry Bomb’ is an important part of Tyler’s discography, and it shows how versatile of an artist Tyler is. Since its release, his albums ‘Flower Boy’ and ‘IGOR’ have each been nominated for Grammy awards, the latter taking home the trophy.

Tyler, The Creator might never release another album similar to ‘Cherry Bomb’, give it a listen in honor of the anniversary today.


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