The Five Best Choices To Face The Undertaker In The Next ‘Boneyard Match’

The Undertaker revitalized his career at Wrestlemania 36, defeating AJ Styles in the acclaimed ‘Boneyard Match’ and opening up a world of possibilities for the 55 year old legend.

Now, the question becomes, who should ‘The Deadman’ face off with next? And should it be in the squared circle, or the boneyard?

While Undertaker should go out like all legends of his stature do, on his back, in the squared circle, at Wrestlemania, it doesn’t need to happen just yet. By continuing to compete in cinematic style matches like this, he can add years to his career, and his legacy.

Styles deserves credit for his role in the match, he was a perfect opponent for the inaugural match, but here are five superstars who we want visit the boneyard in the future.


Credit: WWE

One of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of wrestling is the fact that Sting and The Undertaker never crossed paths. Wrestling fans around the globe speculate what a match between the two of them would look like, but it’s obvious a match between these two could never live up to the hype between the ropes nowadays. Enter: The Boneyard Match. This is exactly what’s needed for this match to take place. The promos, the settings, the hype, this is a match that fans deserve to see and in this style, it could live up to the hype.

Aleister Black

Credit: WWE

Aleister Black has been wasted ever since he was brought up from NXT to the main roster. A tag team run with Ricochet and a mini feud with Buddy Murphy are the most impactful things he’s done on the main roster so far, and that’s criminal. Black is one of the most interesting characters on the roster, and a fight between him and the Undertaker would be money. Black could be the one who defeats Undertaker in his final match between the ropes, but we’d also love to see him visit the boneyard.

Seth Rollins

Credit: WWE

A year ago it looked like Rollins would be the new face of the company, but some bad tweets and booking caused fans to turn on him. Now, The ‘Monday Night Messiah’ gimmick has helped revitalize Rollins’ character and he would make a formidable foe to the Undertaker. Rollins’ preachy, self-absorbed character would make for some amazing promo’s against Taker’s ‘American Badass’ character. Rollins is still one of the most talented people in the company, and he plays a perfect cowardly heel, we’d be excited to see him and Taker cross paths.

Finn Bálor

Credit: WWE

The Demon vs. the Deadman – the story writes itself. With all the special effects we could get in a cinematic styles match with these two, it would be criminal to not see it happen. Bálor may be back in NXT, but when he returns to the main roster, this is a match that needs to take place before Undertaker hangs up the boots for good.

‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

Credit: WWE

The two biggest stars of Wrestlemania weekend, the two stars (and winners) of the cinematic style matches, and two of the best characters in all of the company. A ‘Firefly Fun House’/Boneyard crossover would be absolute money. Whether we have ‘The Fiend’ visiting the Boneyard, or Wyatt bringing Undertaker through his legendary career, it would be a sight to see. Wyatt seems to be on a revenge tour, and avenging his loss to the Deadman at Wrestlemania 31 could be on his list at this time next year.

Who do you want to see Undertaker take on in the next boneyard match?


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