The XFL Deserved Better

The second rendition of the XFL deserved better than a five game season and cease in league operations

The league was innovative. The league was fun. The league knew who its audience was and it listened. They took their time, learned from their past mistakes and mistakes of the AAF (2019’s spring football flameout) and created a solid product.

While the play on the field was suspect at times, it was improving. Most of these players had layoffs of over 18 months from their last game and had no pre-season, did people really expect to see spotless play in week one?

One example of this was a team that started off worse than you could ever imagine, the Tampa Bay Vipers. The Vipers were blown out to start the season 23-3, but they improved every single week amid three quarterback changes.

The thing I’ll miss most about the XFL is the fans. XFL fans knew who they were – people who LOVED football. They didn’t just go to the games, they went to the games, cheered loud, broke tables and created beer snakes that’ll live on in infamy.

The Beer Snake might as well have been the new mascot for the D.C. Franchise

The leagues future was bright. Players were able to showcase their personalities, coaches were allowed to show some fire, sideline reporters did phenomenal jobs, it could’ve helped further the careers of people in many different areas.

Some players have gone on to be signed by NFL teams, some unknowingly set foot on the field for the final time this season. Players were promised a second chance, and the players who do get signed by NFL teams will always carry that XFL chip on their shoulder.

Consensus XFL MVP PJ Walker was never looked at as an NFL quarterback. After his phenomenal season as the Houston Roughnecks starter, he now gets his chance with the Carolina Panthers. If he does get a fair shot at the starting job, don’t be shocked if he starts over Teddy Bridgewater at some point.

PJ Walker’s XFL Highlights

The XFL knew what they were – a football league focuses on second chances, the fans and having fun. While some may say the NFL really stands for the ‘No Fun League’, the XFL literally focused on having fun.

In the future, we could’ve seen a top college prospect choose the XFL over playing for the NCAA, we could’ve seen the return of Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow, but this time they would have a live microphone during the game.

The league was even changing how sports betting was presented, as we continuously heard commentators bickering on if the over would hit and if teams would cover, we saw the betting lines on the ticker, it was a dream for bettors everywhere.

The XFL provided me with some fun times and great memories. A competent spring football league was a dream come true, and it took a once in a century global pandemic to end it.

The XFL may not have made everybody a fan, but there’s one fact that nobody can deny – the XFL deserved better.

I’ll miss you, XFL.

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