Welcome to Villen Media

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – Welcome to Villen Media! On this site, we’re going to provide you with opinions that are unique, entertaining and of course, a little constroversial.

Our team will cover EVERYTHING. Sports, and we mean all sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, college sports, wrestling, NASCAR .. you get the point. If you like a sport, odds are we’re covering it.

Not a sports fan? That’s fine. We’ll also be covering entertainment, music, pop culture and more. That means we got you covered with movie reviews, which songs you should be listening to and what’s happening in the world. We won’t let you miss a beat.

All in all, our team is a bunch of motivated, small town go-getters. We’re not here for the money (not that there is any), we don’t have any agendas, we’re here because we love to write about things we’re passionate about.

Welcome to Villen Media. We hope you like what you see.


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